Harmony ‧ The Gifts of Nature



Chōwa, harmony in Japanese, carries the meaning of balance, consistency and congruity.
Going organic is an approach to life, to be one with nature, to be in touch with the preciously pristine. Even when you find yourself in the middle of a bustling metropolis, you can cherish the gifts of nature through organic living.
Custom-Blended Harmonious Collection scrupulously sourced from a variety of precious organically grown plants in Japan. Infused with organic nutrients with self-healing properties, this Collection is naturally beneficial for the skin, relieving allergy symptoms, and strengthening immune system while offering ample moisture to the skin. The Collection is the first skincare to acquire Japan’s 5-star ECOFIT organic certification. It comprehensively manifests the harmony between human and the environment. Awaken your vulnerable skin with the delicate touch of an authentically organic remedy.
You are most welcomed to make any enquiries or an appointment with our professional skincare consultant or our Customer Care Hotline at 2811 5885, bringing a delicate touch to a simple, natural way of life.